Fabulous Healthy Food

Chicken with Goat Cheese and Sundried Tomatoes
See page 90 in Healthy Food gets Fabulous
Caprese Appetizer
See page 15 in Healthy Food gets Fabulous
See page 15 in Healthy Food gets Fabulous
See page 150 in Healthy Food gets Fabulous
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
This video is the one I submitted when I entered a cooking contest in San Diego.  I had to keep  the camera rolling without interruption.  
I was accepted and I won the cooking contest!
See page 109 in Healthy Food gets Fabulous
Portuguese Stew over Brown Rice
See page 212 in Healthy Food gets Fabulous
for "gluten free flour mix"
The first time I made homemade pasta 
using gluten free flour and my Go-Pro Camera
I love to use Oat Flour for all my baking needs.
BUT ~ I found there are three things Oat Flour does not work for:
1.  Yeast Bread
2.  Pie Crust
3.  Pasta
So I came up with a healthier blend of flours and other needed ingredients to make these 3 things.  And it works!
If you would like the recipe for my gluten free flour mix see page 212 in my cookbook or email me.
Egg Sandwich
Filmed with my Go-Pro Camera
I love to make egg sandwiches for a quick lunch or dinner.  Enjoy this quick video filmed by husband.
Just use your favorite bread, add some cut up veggies and enjoy a quick meal!